10 Reasons for my Happiness

by Lavender Elizabeth, May 29, 2017
After yesterday's post about my depression, I wanted to make sure I remembered all the reasons I'm happy. Although it's a struggle some days more than others, there's always things to be happy about.

My God.
Whenever I feel His presence, I've overcome with a sense of peace, love, and happiness. Reading my Bible before bed is one of my favorite things to do because I feel Him.

Being surrounded by my friends.
My closest friends have a way of creating more happiness than I could have imagined. I laugh more when I'm surrounded by my bright, caring, supportive friends.

Cuddling with my dogs.
Kinchie and Whinnie are balls of love. They love their family and I always feel happy when I'm snuggling up with them.

Traveling and exploring new places.
I so have the travel bug! It's just so fun and exciting to explore new places, whether it's far away or in your own neighborhood.

Singing in the car.
I absolutely love to drive. When I have my music up high and I'm belting it out and dancing along, I'm super happy.

Coming home.
No matter how old I get, there's something so nice about coming home to your parents' house. It's relaxing and familiar.

I absolutely LOVE fireworks! Watching them is one of my favorite things and it never fails to make me giddy.

My TV shows.
I definitely get deep into my tv shows. They make me so happy!

Capturing moments.
I take photos wherever I go. I love having memories to look back on, as well as displayed in frames around my home.

Planning with Southern Magnolias.
I love that I share a business with my sister. I absolutely love the work that we do, as well as the amount of time we spend together. She's the best!

What are some things that make you happy?
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