Tuesday, April 4, 2017

TV: What I'm Watching

I am a self-proclaimed TV-addict and I'm not ashamed. I find television super relaxing, so have shows that I'm overly dedicated to. There are some that I discuss with my best friend, Emma (Chicago quartet, PLL), watch with my sister, Bethany (Shades of BlueQuanticoScandal), and some that I watch all by my lonesome (Criminal Minds). Thank goodness for my DVR, though, or else I would never stay on top of any of them! (Truth moment: I'm still a season behind in How to Get Away with MurderScandal, and This is Us.)

If you've ever wondered what shows I watch, here is a complete list:

Chicago Justice (NBC @ 9:00)
Shades of Blue (NBC @ 10:00)

Quantico (ABC @ 10:00)

Chicago Fire (NBC @ 10:00)

Criminal Minds (CBS @ 9:00)
Chicago P.D. (NBC @ 10:00)

Big Bang Theory (CBS @ 8:00)
Scandal (ABC @ 9:00)
Chicago Med (NBC @ 9:00)

Currently on Netflix:
Grey's Anatomy

No Longer On Air
Bachelor Franchise
How to Get Away with Murder
This is Us
Secrets and Lies
Pretty Little Liars
Orange is the New Black

What are your favorite shows?

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