Gift Guide: Easter Basket

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, April 14, 2017

Confession: the Easter Bunny still comes to my house. My parents go all out when it comes to Easter. They hide chocolate eggs all around a room in our house and send us on a scavenger hunt. The first thing we do is hunt for all of the eggs - there's always one that my mom finds a couple of days later that we missed. Next, the hunt begins. My parents wrap gifts for both my sister and I, but in different colors. If we find the other person's color, we just pretend we didn't. And of course, there's also a basket to find. I love that even thought I'm 25 and my sister's 23, we still do this. It's so fun and I look forward to it every year!

In honor of our family tradition, I'm sharing how to make your very own Easter basket.

What You'll Need:
Cute Easter basket
Easter-inspired notepad
Puzzle book
Fun pens
Arts and crafts item
Easter-inspired washi tape
Glittery eggs (learn how here)
Cute bag
Chocolate eggs

Best of all - the whole basket cost less than $15! If you shop the dollar section at Target and hit up the Dollar Tree, it's so easy to find cute goodies!

What are some of your favorite Easter traditions?

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