101 Achieved List: Graduate from High School

by Lavender Elizabeth, March 08, 2012

Who: Valley Christian class of 2010
What: High School Graduation
Where: San Jose, CA
When: May 29, 2010
From: Done List

Graduating high school was one of the most unreal things! I remember thinking, "How can I be old enough to be a high school graduate?!" (I now consistently wonder how I'm old enough to be more than halfway done with my second year of college). It was a beautiful day to graduate! Sunny and warm, but not too warm - however, I did get a weird gown-sunburn!

I was extremely lucky to graduate with the class I did - they were all incredible people! We were extremely lucky to have an all-around nice, fun grade! But in-particular, I graduated with the most incredible friends! My senior year was the first year where my group of girls (JACK) expanded to include the guys and some wonderful new girls (including the D to our JACKD - Daphne)! With this amazing group, we took some of my favourite photos - some of which I'm now sharing with you...

Yes, we all managed to make it in the air!

Miss Kiley

This will officially be my sister in May!

Miss Kellen

 My incredible family

Our high school musical couple shot ;)

Miss Kristina
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