101 List: Start a Bible Study

by Lavender Elizabeth, March 03, 2012

Who: JACKD girls
What: Start a Bible Study with the Girls
Where: Our houses
When: June - July 2011
From: 101 List #1

Some sorority girls and I started a Bible Study at the end of our Spring Quarter, but didn't get very far. I hadn't participated in a Bible Study before, but really wanted to do one. My group of girls from high school are all very strong Christians, so I asked if they'd want to do one over the summer - they were all very on board! So when we all were all back home for our summer break, we started one!

I chose Beloved Disciple: The Life and Ministry of John by Beth Moore. Unfortunately, we were all a lot busier over the summer than we thought, so we only got through about 3 weeks together, but those three weeks were really great. We all did the study together and talked about everything, including where our faith was at. It definitely brought us all closer together!

Despite not finishing the study, I grew in my spirituality immensely over the summer! Along with the girls' Bible Study, Kristina, Kellen, and I also went to a Bible Study with the guys. When Marcus and Brian first asked me if I wanted to do it, I was a little skeptical (not sure why), but it ended up being the best decision I made that summer! It stretched my faith a lot and I learned so much from my friends. It was one of the best experiences, and I'm so excited for it to continue this coming summer.

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