101 List: Drive my Own ATV

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, March 08, 2012

Who: My family
What: Driving an ATV solo
Where: Iberostar, Riviera Maya, Mexico
When: January 3, 2012
From: 101 List #1

Each year we've gone to Mexico, one tradition has always stuck - ATVing as a family. This is the first year that Bethany and I were of age to drive our own, and we took advantage of it! Now, I wish I could say I was a natural, but I was far from it. As we were leaving the resort, I couldn't get the turning quite right and ended up driving straight into a bush. The tour guide them proceeded to make fun of me, and then kindly helped me get out of the foliage.

After that it was smoother sailing. I took my time, let my dad and my sister completely out-drive me, with my mom coming up from behind (at least I was faster than her, right?). Finally, by the second-half of the trip, I was pro! I could keep up, go over large bumps without feeling like I was going to fly off, and didn't run in to anymore greenery! SUCCESS!

Before starting off on our adventure - Bethany and I went all out with our outfits ;)

With my beautiful sister in the Jungle!

My parents riding back together - they're rather adorable

 We take photos while stopping for a quick water break...

This photo completely represents the 4 of us on this trip - Dad: photographer, Bethany: totally with it, me: laughing at my mom, Mom: just having fun!
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