101 List: Play Death Star Hide-and-Seek

by Lavender Elizabeth, March 03, 2012

Who: Clara, Marie, Emma, Ella, Matt, Charlie, and Tyler.
What: Play Hide-and-Seek at the Death Star
Where: UC Davis
When: December 9, 2011
From: 101 List #1

Last year during the quarter I took a leave of absence (due to health reasons), my friends played hide-and-seek at the Death Star on campus. When they told me all the stories about it, including going so crazy they began making bird calls to each other, I was so confused. Marie and I had missed out on this adventure, so at the end of Fall quarter when we finally had a night to ourselves, we made plans to play! I had no idea what I was in for!

The Social Sciences and Humanities building at UCD is insane. It's 5 floors and a complete maze. I had a review session in there once and it took me 20 minutes to find the classroom...in fact, today I got lost in there on the way to my car!

We arrived at the Death Star at 11:30 at night completely bundled up and ready to dominate!

Hiding Teams: Clara, Marie, and I; Charlie and Tyler
Seeker Team: Ella, Emma, and Matt

WE COMPLETELY DOMINATED! Once Charlie and Tyler were found, all 5 of them searched for us for an hour. We decided to hide on the fourth floor in a corner just by the stairs. Now I was fairly sick at this point, so the seekers assumed I wouldn't climb the stairs that high...how wrong they were! It was freezing, and after about 45 minutes of hiding, we were ready to be found. We started yelling random things - including bird calls - but nothing. Finally we went down to the second floor and started singing. We were all calling to each other, and after 30 more minutes, they found us! It was a crazy game of hide-and-seek - Marie and I finally understand why they went crazy!

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