Spring Break...Here I Come!

by Lavender Elizabeth, March 25, 2012
It's officially here!!!

Last two days of Finals:

Thursday: Sociology Final
Sleeping at: 1:30am
Awake at: 12:00pm
Final at: 6:00pm
Final Feeling: the largest essay question was extremely similar to our last optional essay - which I did very well on!
TV Show breaks: Bones, Stay Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids
Studied for: 3 hours
Studying Spot: my bed under my heated blanket
Food Frenzy: Cereal, tea, V8 juice, sour patch kids, gnocchi, White Chocolate Mocha (Starbucks [Marie bought me some with a good luck note written on it!]), Haagen Dazs Chocolate, Cream Cheese on Saltines, ginger ale

Friday: Calculus Final (Engineering Final Project and Final Film Essay due)
Sleeping at: 3:30am
Awake at: 8:00am
Final at: 10:30am
Final Feeling: HARDEST TEST EVER! We had to be given extra time after 2 hours...
Movie watched: Slumdog Millionaire with Emma
Engineering Project: 3 hours
Final Film Essay: 3 hours (+2 for the movie)
Working Area: Kitchen table and Family room couch (with Emma, Clara, and Izzy)
Left to come home at: 10:30pm
Arrived home at: 12:15am
Food Frenzy: cereal, tea, ginger ale, cream cheese on saltines, applesauce, Wendy's, Coke, granola bar


Sunday-Monday: Cal Poly: San Luis Obispo with Kristina, Kiley, Katherine, and Daphne
Wednesday-Saturday: Laguna Beach with my Davis girls

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