Spring Break: San Luis Obispo

by Lavender Elizabeth, March 28, 2012
Who: Kiley, Kristina, and I visiting Katherine and Daphne
What: Spring Break
Where: Cal Poly: San Luis Obispo
When: March 25-26

101 List - Add a Piece of Gum to Bubblegum Alley

Such a strange, gross, and cool place! I have never seen so much gum in one place! Turns out on Sunday night almost everything is closed in downtown San Luis Obispo. We had just finished going to dinner at Firefox (YUM) and decided to fulfill my first request of the trip: Bubble gum Alley. Finally added a piece of gum to the wall!

Left to Right: me, Daphne, Kristina, Kiley, Katherine
That night, we stayed at Daphne's apartment, talking until 3 AM. Late night best friend talks are great!

Avila Beach

We had an absolute blast here! We had wonderful weather - super sunny! Avila beach has a swingset right on the beach, so we enjoyed swinging - forgot how fun that was! We then enjoyed taking hilarious pictures together and having a random lady capture some lovely moments for us (she offered to take a photo for us and ended up taking many). Such a fun day at the beach!

Once we got back from the beach, Katherine went to her first class of Spring Quarter and we went to meet Daphne after hers. We hung out until it was time to leave.

On the way back to San Jose, we first stopped and completed my second request: Stopping at the Cal Poly Chi Omega house.

A wonderful start to my Spring Break!
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