Aglow: Candle Centerpieces

by Lavender Elizabeth, December 07, 2015
December with Dear Wedding Day: Ornament
I don't want you to think I forgot about this challenge - I haven't! I have a special DIY post to show you that is unfortunately taking longer to finish than expected. But look out for a double post later this week to see DWD's ornament post.

December with Dear Wedding Day: Aglow

Candles are so romantic, so adding them to a wedding centerpiece is the perfect addition. Enjoy these beautiful centerpieces featuring candles, and show me what "aglow" means to you on Instagram and Facebook with hashtag #decemberwithdwd.

Personal "Aglow" Post:
My sister is obsessed with Bath & Body Works winter candles. She went there on Black Friday and with my mom, bought six. We took three home, and despite not being a big candle person myself, I love this one. It smells amazing! But best of all, it's something new that my sister has introduced me to while living with her.

Tomorrow on DWD: Family
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