Warmth: DIY Loose Tea Favors

by Lavender Elizabeth, December 01, 2015
December with Dear Wedding Day: Warmth

What You'll Need:
1. Tacky Glue | 2. Twine | 3. Labels | 4. Scissors | 5. Loose Leaf Tea | 6. Measuring Spoon | 7. Tins

1. Measure 2-3 servings of loose tea into each tin. I used Teavana Cha Yen Thai Tea, which called for 1 teaspoon per cup of tea. I added 3 teaspoons to each of my tins. I bought my tins from Hobby Lobby, but they can be ordered in bulk from any craft store. 

2. Put lids on tins once full.

3. Print labels. I used the template supplied by Something Turquoise, but added my own flair and saying: For Eterni-tea.

4. Cut out labels.

 5. Apply tacky glue to backs of labels.

6. Paste labels onto tin lids. 

7. Measure and cut twine. Cut enough so that it can be wrapped around the tin twice and tied in a bow.

Voila! Super cute and easy favors to give your tea-loving guests. 

Personal "Warmth" Post:
I absolutely love tea; just simple english breakfast with some milk and sugar. I've grown up with it, always having a cup before bed. What makes this post special is my mug. I went to university in California at UC Davis and had an amazing experience. Because of the memories, this is now my favorite tea mug.

Tomorrow at DWD: Nutracker
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