Family: Reception Photo Displays

by Lavender Elizabeth, December 08, 2015
December with Dear Wedding Day: Family

Family is one of the most important things in my life, so displaying that love at my wedding will be a must-have. Enjoy these unique ways of displaying your family at your reception, and tell me what family means to you on Instagram and Facebook with hashtag #decemberwithdwd.

Personal "Family" Post:
My younger sister, Bethany, is the most important person in my life. We're best friends. When I'm not strong enough, she's my rock; when she's not strong enough, I'm hers. Together we laugh, dance, sing in silly voices, share our deepest feelings, and create. As adults, we're building a home together, continually growing as we learn more about ourselves and each other. She's amazing.

Tomorrow on DWD: Snowflakes
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