Marshmallows: Candy Bar Bling

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 28, 2015
December with Dear Wedding Day: Marshmallows

A reception with a candy bar is always a hit!
Today's post offers a creative take on a classic candy bar item: marshmallows.
What You'll Need
1. Crystal Sugar Sprinkles / 2. Water / 3. Jumbo Marshmallows / 4. Cake Pop Sticks (or Skewers)
Pre-Step: Paint sticks for an even more glam look. I painted mine gold.
Step 1: Insert sticks into center of marshmallows.

Step 2: Dip marshmallow into water, covering completely.

Step 3: Pour sprinkles over wet marshmallow, remembering to cover the top and bottom. 
Ta-da! Blingy marshmallows for you reception candy bar.

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